Shelter-in-Place is a series of one-hour long video performances I did in my apartment over the first three months in lockdown. I performed simple actions, often staying in one spot, fixating my gaze on one object such as a clock, my own shadow or reflection. As life outside came to a halt, I wanted to stay even more still inside, exploring issues of isolation, passing time, confronting myself and our new reality.

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Confronting Oneself, March 2020 (excerpt)
I look at my own reflection.

Facing the Shadow, April 2020 (excerpt)
I look at my own shadow.

Racing Against the Clock, March 2020 (excerpt)
I watch time go by.

Shelter-in-Place, April 2020 (time-lapse)
I hide behind the American flag.

It’s Okay to Touch My Face, Now, April 2020 (excerpt)
I wash my hands with soap and water for 59 minutes then, for the last minute of the hour, I touch my face.

Cage Within a Cage, April 2020 (time-lapse)
I created an even more restrictive space in my apartment to pass the hour in.

Ventilator, April 2020 (excerpt)
In the course of one hour I repeatedly inhale and exhale to the maximum capacity of my lungs.

We're Sorry, May 2020 (excerpt)
I repeatedly dial the New York Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance number.

I Can’t Breathe, May 2020 (excerpt)
I hide behind the upside down American flag in response to the killing of George Floyd.


All videos © Stas Ginzburg, 2020-2021. All Rights Reserved.